Our Journey



Annie began her investment journey with the traditional mindset of growing the family wealth so it could be passed on to future generations. However, after the 2008 global financial crisis, Annie became increasingly interested in what wealth could do in the world, and questioning the role of investing. Beyond pure philanthropy, how can capital be deployed into a way that doesn’t damage our planet or people – but actually contributes to their well-being? Is it possible to ‘do good and do well’ at the same time?

2010 –

Building a Sustainable Portfolio

Recognizing the severity and urgency of the global issues we face today, and recognizing that philanthropic capital alone is insufficient to solve the myriad of challanges we face, Annie and RS Group began applying our entire capital portfolio towards the objective of investing for a better world in 2010. Over 5 years, we gradually replaced managers who were only driven by financial returns, with investments which considered both financial and ESG/impact returns. We also sought out organizations whose work had catalytic impact on tackling some of the most complex sustainability challenges facing the world, and provided capacity building grant support.

The impetus behind building this 100% sustainably invested portfolio is our belief that we have a choice, and indeed a responsibility, to invest in a way that contributes to the well-being of society and the planet, while generating a financial return that meets our needs. We deploy our capital with full awareness of the possible range of direct and indirect value creation (or destruction) from our investments, not only as it affects ourselves, but the wider society.


Sharing our Work

In addition to investing our own capital sustainably, we also wanted to grow the community of impact investors in Asia. We want to share our experience, to encourage other investors to deploy their capital sustainably, and help them avoid our mistakes.

With this in mind, we released our “RS Group Impact Report” in May 2016, sharing our five years’ (2010-15) journey and lessons learned from putting into practice our ideas and thinking on responsible capital management. We hope in sharing our story of building a Total Portfolio, we can inspire and empower others to embrace positive change through their own actions.

2016 – 19

Building a Community of Impact Investors

Following the positive reception of our Impact Report, we realized a more comprehensive effort is required to build the sustainable investor community in the region. This drove us to incubate and launch a dedicated platform–the Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFi) (link text)–in 2018, to support the private investor community in HK and around the region.

Today, SFi is an independent organization, whose mission is to mobilise mobilise private capital for positive impact in Hong Kong and Asia. By empowering family offices, private investors and financial services professionals with the knowledge and expertise to invest for purpose and profit, they are building the impact investment landscape in Asia.

2018 –

Increasing Our Focus on Climate Change and NBS

A healthy planet underpins all life as well as human flourishing, and yet climate and environmental causes only receive a small fraction of total philanthropic giving. It is for this reason we have committed our capital and efforts into becoming a catalytic force in ensuring public discussion and action on climate change issues in Hong Kong and beyond. We feel a deep sense of urgency with regards to the ongoing climate crisis, and has identified natural capital solutions as a potentially catalytic factor in mitigating the effects of climate change.

Since 2019, RS Group have also focused on Nature Based Solutions as a core component of our Climate Change focus. We will put our own capital, as well as aim to attract other investment capital, into supporting innovative nature-based investment solutions to value, protect, and restore the world’s natural assets that humanity’s survival depends upon.