What We Do


RS Group is organized around an integrated approach to asset management that seeks to maximize the total performance of our capital under management. This strategy recognizes there are different allocations within the larger capital portfolio (public equity, direct debt and equity, impact investing and strategic philanthropy) and each allocation seeks to maximize an appropriate mix of social, economic and environmental performance; the “right” blend will differ based upon the specific allocation, but the overall intent is to manage all allocations for greatest possible impact. The individual investments and grants we make follow a “blended value” concept in which social impact is at the core of the value proposition, and ensures our total portfolio is working for good.

Our Portfolio

Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI)

Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) has come a long way over the past few decades, building upon its initial practice of screening out undesirable investments to today’s practices of integrating environmental, social and governance considerations into an overall assessment of not only risk, but opportunities. Sustainable and Responsible Investing not only avoids investments which negatively impact the environment and society, but also actively allocates capital to those companies that are most advanced in using resources efficiently and creating a more sustainable economy. In addition, RS Group’s investment managers also actively engage with their investees on these matters. Capital allocation and active ownership are both important aspects of mobilizing all assets for positive, blended value creation. Our SRI fund managers include:

Impact Investing (II)

RS Group views impact investing as a strategic lens through which our capital, regardless of the asset class they are in, are actively invested in opportunities and projects which can advance sustainability and generate impact in our world. We invest in projects and mission-driven companies in which positive social and environmental value creation is fundamental to their business models, and over time hope to attain real impact through working with our investment partners to advance more sustainable corporate and community practices in our world. A selection of our Impact Investing fund managers and partners include:

We also look for innovative ways our capital can be used to generate impact. An example of this is in our support of Hong Kong affordable housing social enterprise LightBe, whereby in 2013 we entered into real estate investments and deployed them for LightBe’s use in piloting its affordable housing scheme, “Light Homes”.


We feel the best thing an asset owner can do is to commit as much resources as possible to your philanthropic bucket and do your impact investing there, because at the philanthropic end of the capital spectrum, it is all risk capital that is focused solely on impact. Therefore, our philanthropic bucket is where we take the most financial risk, and where we are most ambitious about creating and catayzing systemic impact in order to give humanity and the planet a chance at long-term survival. We deploy catalytic and/or philanthropic capital to support those initiatives that are catalytic in nature and which will create deep systemic changes in our society. As a family office, we have sufficient flexibility and feel it is important to provide this support, in order to build the sector and allow less risk tolerant capital to enter at a later stage. We also support pilot and proof of concept initaitives amongst our grantees, and where where we see crucial gaps unfilled in our thematic areas, we will also incubate the organizations needed.


However, we must caveat that incubation takes a lot of time and team capacity for our small team, and we would always look to prioritize support existing players with a capacity building grant. Thus far, we have only incubated two projects, where we saw an urgent need for a capacity and community building organization in Asia’s sustainable finance and natural capital sectors respectively, but where there was no organization ready to take on this role. Our incubated projects are:

A venture builder for nature-based solutions to provide seed funding and hands-on support to entrepreneurs in SE Asia until they reach a stage of attracting institutional capital