About RS Group

RS Group is a family office and our focus is on sustainability. We believe it is not possible to overcome our mounting social and environmental challenges using industrial era thinking, one in which for-profit and non-profit remain the dominant economic paradigms. New, collaborative approaches to investment, business and philanthropy are needed if we are going to build a global community where social progress and economic development occur in harmony with nature.

This is a journey that we have only just begun, but one which we hope makes a lasting and positive impact for future generations.

What is the purpose of wealth?
Can we “do good and do well” at the same time?

Our Approach

Sustainability is the overarching theme that drives our portfolio – we not only seek to invest our own capital sustainably, but we also use our resources to promote sustainable practices and economics. The individual investments and grants we make follow a “blended value” concept in which social impact is at the core of the value proposition, and ensures our total portfolio is working for good.

Our Report

We released the “RS Group Impact Report” in May 2016, a presentation of our five year journey putting into practice our ideas and thinking on responsible capital management, in building a Total Portfolio. We hope that by sharing our story, we can inspire and empower others to embrace positive change through their own actions.