Investing in the future we want to create

What is the purpose of wealth? Can we “do good and do well” at the same time?

RS Group is a family office, and sustainability is the overarching theme that drives our portfolio. We believe it is not possible to overcome our mounting social and environmental challenges using industrial era thinking, one in which for-profit and non-profit remain the dominant economic paradigms. New, collaborative approaches to investment, business and philanthropy are needed if we are going to build a global community where social progress and economic development occur in harmony with nature.

More specifically, we see ourselves playing a role in reducing emissions, protecting biodiversity, improving livelihoods, and overall restoring balance between humans and nature. We also see ourselves working to strenthen the resilience of the communities we live in. This is a journey we have only just begun, but one which we hope makes a lasting and positive impact for future generations.