Theory of Change

At Kulawan, we believe if we work with nature, local communities and stakeholders, by supporting climate-effective, underfunded, Iocal communities-centered nature-based solutions, through deploying catalytic capital guided by science, data, and our values, towards self-sustaining operating models, we can reduce net emissions, improve livelihoods and build climate resilience for local communities, restore and protect natural ecosystems. Ultimately, we hope to contribute to mitigating/adapting to the climate crisis, restoring balance between humans & nature, and bringing about a just & sustainable world.

Kulawan’s Focus

What does “Kulawan” mean?

The term “kulaw-wan” is used to refer to “environment” or “nature” by the Manobo Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao in the Philippines, for whom land is life itself: ‘we do not own the land, the land owns us’. They believe the land is sacred as it is the dwelling place of the unseen spirits and is therefore “alive and a source of life”. We chose this name (with a slight spelling change) as a reflection of our wish to honour this ethos in our work.

We are looking for Nature-based solutions in Asia which have the potential to be economically self-sustainable, with a clear focus on outcomes in the following focus areas:

Sustainable Agriculture and Land Use
(E.g.: Agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, improved rice production, sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, post harvest food loss reduction)
Ecosystem Protection and Restoration
(E.g. : Avoided deforestation, terrestrial/marine payment for ecosystem service, peatland rewetting and protection , bamboo production)

Our Investment Instruments include: Grant, Repayable grants, Debt, Equity (including SAFEs), and Convertibles, and we will prioritize the following investee types:

(e.g. first-time fund managers)
Organisations with potential sustainable revenue model
(e.g. early stage ventures)
(e.g. payment for ecosystem services like carbon and/or biodiversity credits)

Deployment Criteria

We will select projects according to criteria in the following areas, and will also take values alignment into consideration.
  • Environmental and Social Impact (e.g. Carbon Emissions Mitigation, Engaged and Empowered Local Communities, Enhanced Biodiversity)
  • Additionality (e.g. Increased funding support for Asia’s nature-based climate solutions sector)
  • Innovative Operating Models and Talent Development

Kulawan Projects