RS Group Portfolio

Via varied asset classes and capital deployments, our portfolio generate a variety of returns that cumulatively fulfill the financial and social value creation potential of our capital base.

Sustainable and Responsible Investing

Sustainable and Responsible Investing has come a long way in past decades, building upon its initial practice of screening out undesirable investments to today’s practices of integrating environmental, social and governance considerations into an overall assessment of not only risk, but opportunities.

Sustainable and Responsible Investing not only avoids investments which negatively impact the environment and society, but also actively allocates capital to those companies that are most advanced in using resources efficiently and creating a more sustainable economy. In addition, RS Group works with investment managers that actively engage with their investees on these matters. Capital allocation and active ownership are both important aspects of mobilizing all assets for positive, blended value creation.

Impact Investing

We invest in projects and mission-driven companies in which positive social and environmental value creation is fundamental to their business models.

Over recent years, impact investing has become an increasingly popular practice. Within this approach to asset management, investors may view impact investing both as an asset class to which specific investment allocations are made and as a strategic lens through which all asset classes are assessed for impact opportunities.

RS Group views impact investing to advance sustainability in our world as central to how we approach the management of our portfolio. We seek to achieve impact through each of our investments and over time hope to attain real impact through working with our investment partners to advance more sustainable corporate and community practices in our world.

For more information on impact investing please see the publications pages of the following organizations:

Blended Value –


We support organizations and initiatives that aim to be a force in making our world more sustainable and just.

We recognize that there are areas where philanthropy works better than investments. We provide grants and matching funding to support those initiatives that are catalytic in nature and which will create systemic changes in our society.

Currently, a significant portion of our grants are made to organizations that are working in Hong Kong and China. In Hong Kong our support tends to focus on building the related fields of social entrepreneurship and impact investing. Recognizing that China is very complex, we are still working on our philanthropy strategy, looking at how we can add value to the conversation around sustainable development and the role rule of law can play in improving equity in the society.